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Well, we are aware that Jazz music is just inconsequential in many places and many times, music artists have passed on. However, if you are searching for improvisations and unique vocal styles, we are here for you! Among our collection, these 4 artists are a hit!

Billie Holiday

She is a popular jazz female vocalist who has perfectly defined the jazz genre. Known as ‘Lady Day’ her distinctive vocal style has greatly influenced singing styles.

John Coltrane

Without John Coltrane, jazz is incomplete. The impact that he has had on jazz music is superb. We have everything in his collection, be it saxophone or any other thing. Initially famous for bebop and hard bop jazz, Coltrane is among those forerunners of jazz, which you are going to enjoy.

Miles Davis

Many Jazz fans know how popular Miles Davis is and so do we. His music defines Jazz. He is the most influential music artist of all time; we know this and hence feature all his tracks. A composer, arranger, and player by nature, you are sure to love all his collections. Some popular albums which you would love are Tutu, Bitches Brew, In A Silent Way and Kind Of Blue.

Charlie Parker

Referred to as a ‘Yardbird’ or a ‘Bird’ Charlie was a saxophonist and a jazz composer famous for his groundbreaking approaches to harmony, melodies, and rhythm. He has truly defined those Jazz standards. Some famous collections include Anthropology, Omithology, Billie’s Bounce, etc.