Reggage Music

Reggae is a famous genre of music that originated in 1960 in Jamaica. It is that music style that is influenced by traditional mento style and American jazz and rhythm and blues. This music is generally related to news, and social gossip, and as the name suggests, in Jamaica it means ragged which is street music. Many artists and singers, who want to express their feelings through music, chose reggae as an expression for poor people’s struggling lives. This music is basically about the lives of the street, realities, and struggles faced by poor people. The artists use a bass guitar, drums, keyboards, horns, and other vocal instruments and bring out the style. Earlier this music was found only in Africa and Jamaica but with the advent of the internet, this music has been gaining popularity worldwide.

Bob Marley, Burning Spear, Jimmy Cliff, Ziggy Marley, Stephen Marley, and Lee Perry are the legends of reggae music. They gave the world outstanding reggae which is loved by people even today. has the best collection of reggae music online which is free, from all the reggae artists, may it be from their first album or the latest, and all are readily available. So, whenever you are feeling bored and want to try something realistic and new, switch on the laptop, surf the website, download the music, or listen online as you feel. has its online radio which has a whole lot of reggae music every day and plays the best songs in a high quality. It also offers the facility of the latest updates about the city, aware you about the traffic and if you want to dedicate a song, all you need is to dial the number and tell the song. So, reggae lovers stay tuned and keep up the spirit forever.