Trance & Techno Music

Techno is an electronic dance music that came into origin in the 1980s and since then it has been stealing hearts from all over the world. Techno is music used with an electronic touch and it can be easily influenced by electro, new wave, and funk. It came out as a genre in Detroit, but with gaining popularity and easy composition it is considered the wave of the future. Shari Vari sung by Several Names, “I Feel Love” by Donna Summers, and “From Here to Eternity” are the early works of this music, and these artists are now known as the pioneers of techno music. This music is famous for its dance floor selections and machine-oriented beats which make it more electro and way cooler than many internationally known music styles. With increasing awareness, people like to party like animals and do not care and dance like no one is watching; techno music is the cup of tea for those.

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