Hip Hop Music

The lively culture of entertainment right from the art of creating beats by DJ, turntabling, beatboxing, scratching, adding raps to create the music, and break dancing on the lyrics with creative graffiti writing in the videos is the most popular genre among all of us as we listen to ‘Hip hop’ music. Although this culture is widely accepted and known as hip-hop music, this genre of music can also be known as a synonym for rap music. But, actually, unlike other music genres, it gained its popularity very soon; as it was introduced in the 1970s by the block parties.

The hip-hop industry since that time has been one of the effluent streams in the music industry. Right from the beginning with eminent personalities like DJ Kool Herc to Eminem, Kanye West, Snoop Dogg, Drake, Lil Wayne, and many more rappers; they have given us every reason to go mad and dance unconsciously anytime and every time. Well, well, how can we miss the major hip hop groups that gave us the all-time loved songs in our playlist- The Sugarhill, Run-DMC, A tribe called quest, Wu-tang Clan, Public Enemy, The Roots, EMPD, the Beastie Boys and many more, that went viral in the world for their best-producing hip hop albums which became cataloged tracks for the late night, rave parties and listen to hip hop free online.

With several emerging disc jockeys, rappers, or masters of ceremonies it can be difficult to find out the tracks of all these personalities, and the last search option we get is YouTube which gets updated in every minute across all genres. However, the content you get over there is in the video format; but you can use our site as a tool to change it into mp3 format. With Youtubemp3s.info, you can get all of your favorite hip-hop artists, DJs, and hip-hop groups saved by easily downloading and converting them into mp3 format to support your iPods and mp3 players. From the beginning of the hip-hop culture to the most recently released tracks, here you can find a catalog for millions of tracks. Not only downloading songs, with us, but you can also have access to all of your favorite latest raps and hip hop tracks in just a click from our hip hop music radio online channels like Boneyard radio, Hot 108, Deutschrap, Breakz, The Viral to create an amazing playlist.